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Online Public Access Catalog (Bibliotheca Carmelitana)

Welcome to our library's online public access catalog.
Search our catalog to view bibliography information on holdings we have in our Carmelite library.

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Search Core Fields

Useful when searching for an item whose title, author, or identification number you already know. It can also be used to distinguish works by a person (search Author/Creator fields) from works about a person (search Subject fields).

The core fields include:

  • Author/Creator
    Includes the person, institution, or conference responsible for creating a work. Editors, compilers, collaborators, translators, photographers, and so forth.
  • Title
    Enter the complete title to retrieve the exact record. Words related to a work’s main subject frequently appear in its title. To find multiple works related to your area of interest, do a search by title using a few key words.
  • Subject
    A mixture of "controlled" and "uncontrolled" vocabulary. "Controlled" vocabulary refers to subject terms that have been standardized for library cataloging purposes.

    Note: When a bibliographic record is displayed on the screen, you can click on one of the highlighted subject headings to search for other records that have the same word(s) in a subject field.

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